4G/LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot 
Guide to Operation
We are excited to offer 4G/LTE wi-fi hotspots for you to check out. This page should answer any questions you have about using the devices. If you have any trouble, please call 708-749-1050 x120 and speak to one of our Reference Librarians.

This guide is broken down into the following sections:

Getting Started
Before you will be able to check out one of the 4G/LTE mobile hotspots you will need to stop by the Circulation Desk and fill out a Mobile Hotspot User Agreement form acknowledging that you have read and understand the Stickney-Forest View Public Library District Wi-Fi Hotspot Policy and will comply with all its requirements. In order to fill out a Mobile HotSpot User Agreement form you must:
  • be a current SFVPLD patron,
  • be at least 18 years old,
  • have a valid, government-issued photo ID.
In order to check out a mobile hotspot you must:
  • owe no more than $5 in fines.
The check-out period for a Mobile Hotspot is seven (7) days and the late fee is $5 per day late.
Setup and Use
Now that you have brought home a Mobile Hotspot, what do you do with it?

The Mobile Hotspots can be used at home or out and about! When fully charged, a device can be used for up to twelve (12) hours. If you are using the device at home, it is good practice to use the device while plugged into a power outlet. The USB power cord plugs into the side of the device in the micro-USB port.

Power on the hotspot by pressing and holding the power button until the LCD screen lights up (approximately 5 seconds). The hotspot LCD screen will display a Netgear logo, a Sprint logo, and after about 35 seconds the mobile hotspot status screen.

When the LCD status screen displays a solid wi-fi indicator, the hotspot is ready to connect up to 8 wi-fi enabled devices. If you are running the hotspot off of battery power, connecting more devices will drain the battery faster.

Connect your laptop, tablet, or other Wi-Fi enabled equipment by selecting the Wi-Fi network name printed on the hotspot and entering the Wi-Fi password when prompted. The Wi-Fi network name may take a couple of minutes to display on your network list.

How the network list appears depends on the type of device you are trying to connect. Here are some common examples. Click the thumbnail to see a larger image.


As with any Wi-Fi network, your coverage may be affected by obstructions (e.g., building walls and doors, terrain and foliage, weather and atmospheric conditions, and other factors.)

Remember that this device functions similarly to a cellular phone. You get a strong or weak 4G/LTE signal depending on your location and as well as the location of the device.

If you have a desktop computer or a laptop that does not have a wireless adapter, you will not be able to connect to the hotspot. You can purchase a USB Wi-Fi adaptor at most computer and electronics stores for between $15 to $50.


Wi-Fi Hotspot Status Display
What does it mean?
The mobile hotspot has a color LCD display built into it. Use the graphic and the table below to learn what the symbols on your Wi-Fi hotspot mean.

Item Description
1 Signal strength
2 Network type (LTE)
3 Network carrier name
4 Alerts – Indicates number of alerts to be read. Only appears when at least one alert is active.
5 Battery status
6 Wi-Fi Status – Indicates whether Wi-Fi is active (solid) or sleeping (outlined) and the number of Wi-Fi connections.
7 Wi-Fi network name and password.
8 Data usage – Indicates the amount of data used.

Before Returning

Before you return the hotspot to the Library ensure you have all components listed on the included instruction sheet. Replacement costs for the components are as follows:
  • NETGEAR® Fuse ($100)
  • AC Adapter ($15)
  • Micro-USB Cable ($15)
You are not required to charge the hotspot before returning it, but doing so will make it easier for the next person to check out the device.

Please pack up and return the components in the plastic bag in which they were checked out. Mobile hotspots can only be returned to the Circulation Desk. Do not return to a book drop. Do not return to a different library.


Mobile Hotspot Video Tutorial

This 4-minute video tutorial will also walk you through the basics of using the Netgear Fuse mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.



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