For those of you who work odd hours or just have especially busy lives, you can place holds to have materials left in a locker to be picked up after the Library has closed for the day or on a Sunday. But to do this, you will first need to fill out an online form. See below for details.

For those of you who live in Central Stickney, once the Stickney Township renovations of the Community Center at 4949 Long Avenue are complete we will be adding a smart locker there, as well. So you will be able to place holds for materials and pick them up there if you can’t make it to the Library.

In order for you to take advantage of the smart lockers, you will need to have a valid library card and you will need to fill out this online form. When you fill out the form, if you include a cell phone number you will receive a QR code and key via text message when you have a hold to pick up. If you include an email address, you will receive the code and key via an email message when you have a hold to pick up. If you include both, you will receive both notifications.

If you have a smart phone or device, you can also install a Smiota app which will allow you to receive notifications, view hold statuses, and open your smart locker directly from your phone.

To request an item be left for pickup in the new smart locker you can request a locker when you call to place the hold request. If you are placing the hold using the new online catalog, you can select the locker from the pick-up location menu.


If you have placed a hold request with the Library as the pickup location and decide later you would like to pick it up using a locker, log into your account and display your pending holds and then click on Change Pickup Location.

If you have already received word that your requested item has arrived at the Library, then you will need to call the Library to have your pickup location changed to the locker.

Items will be checked out to your account prior to being placed in the locker. As we are a fine free library and our catalog has automatic renewals, this will not affect how long you can keep the materials. But should you decide you do not want the items after all, you will need to return them to one of the Library book drops or to the Circulation Desk.

Tutorials - Coming soon.